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    Thread: Just bought me an AVEO..

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      Cool Just bought me an AVEO..

      I bought a one owner 2006 Aveo. I am stoked and pissed off at the same time. there is an AC button in the car but I live in Oregon and it was cold outside when I bought it. But needless to say the car has NO ac and the previous owner did not disclose this information to me. Actually this is how I found this forum looking for a price range of how much an AC would cost to show in it.

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      Welcome to the site.

      YeaH, the lower trim Aveo did come without A/C. While adding it is possible, it would be quite a bit of work.

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      Bummer, maybe you can live without it (like me) and gain the few extra hp? If not I bet you could elbow grease it a bit and re-sell it to make your money back. I'm sure someone in your area would like that '06 - you could advertise it on this forum even in the for sale section..

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