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    Thread: LUV/LUJ Swap?

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      LUV/LUJ Swap or Turbo L91?

      I'm interensted in doing this swap on my 2006 Barina (L91). But first I want to collect some information. If anyone knows anything that might help, engine dimensions, mounting points etc. That would be really helpful, as I am having trouble finding this information.

      I'm also interensted in possibly tuboing my Barina. But I also don't have much information there either, it would be great if another turbo unit mates up with the exaust ports on the head, or maybe even an adaptor. I could also do with some knowledge on the tuning side of adding forced indution.

      I'll try to keep you all posted.

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      For swapping the engine in your 2006 Barina (L91), gather details on engine dimensions, mounting points, and compatibility. Forums, car communities, and repair manuals can provide valuable insights. Regarding turbocharging, explore options compatible with your car's exhaust ports or consider an adapter. Research tuning methods for forced induction, covering aspects like air-fuel ratios and engine management systems. Keep the community posted on your progress to benefit from shared experiences and insights. Utilize online resources, forums, and expert advice for a successful engine swap and turbocharging project.

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