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    Thread: Do Performance Air Filters Actually Work?

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      Do Performance Air Filters Actually Work?

      I like Engineer Explained. I don't always agree with all his content, but he does put forth good effort to putting good info out there. His testing was done on a Subaru Crosstrek. Anyways, its worth a look, and his testing is pretty solid.

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      Nice experiment. I like K&N filter because they are washable and reusable.

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      Agreed. The charcoal filter being in-line for sure 'throttles' this experiment, I would guess. 2-3% I doubt if the butt dyno would notice it, but on a 1st gen Aveo I hypothesize the improvement could get into the 5% range which would be a significant butt dyno. I use the K&N conical synthetic filter for the same reason rhyder7 mentions, its washable and reusable.
      I ran my car with a sock over the air intake after my fender bender in 2011 that destroyed the airbox. Had more power with a sock too

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