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    Thread: 2006 Aveo LS Intake and Exhaust

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      2006 Aveo LS Intake and Exhaust

      I'm currently looking into any and all ways I can improve throttle response and power in my Aveo. I've heard a CAI and a Muffler upgrade improve fuel economy a bit and wanted some recommendations on mufflers that are worth a damn. Additionally, any general tips on improving fuel economy. I know the simple things; reduce weight, increase power, but anything special you guys know about? Sometime down the road lighter rims would probably help with reducing unsprung weight.
      Any help is appreciated.

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      Aerodynamic modification is a great step to improve fuel economy. Lots more info on this kind of stuff at ecomodder.com.

      I recommend these two pages:
      65+ efficiency mods
      100+ hypermiling tips

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      I doubt you will see noticeable mpg gain, though there will be a slight improvement in throttle response and sound.

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      My throttle response increased significantly with the under-drive pulley, it further improved when the intake and exhaust were done. With all 3 changed it was a lot better than stock, but still has that same weird time delay that one has to build into ones downshifts when blipping the throttle. I always assumed this major time delay has more to do with the PID controller (or whatever control algorithm) in the fly by wire throttle. Trust me I would love to improve that delay on my '06 too, its quite annoying.
      I would guess a lightweight pulley set would be the best mechanical way to improve that instantaneous throttle response if thats what you were meaning.

      Etec II crankshaft underdrive pulleys - $99.99 (2004-200

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