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    Thread: Computer pin out help ASAP!!!!!

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      Computer pin out help ASAP!!!!!

      Alright so I'm swapping the motor in my 09 aveo (eighth VIN number E which makes allot of difference from what I can tell).I found an 09 that was in good shape with very low miles so I just went ahead and got the motor and trans together. The wiring harness on it looked better than mine so ive decided to use it instead of my old one. The only wires they cut that I will have to splice is the first bundle that leaves the loom after leaving the inside/passenger plug of the computer module. That bundle runs back up under the dash. Well I'm checking them wire by wire and matching/labeling them as I cut them. Well I get to these 2 and accidentally cut both of them that are the same color and can't figure out which one is the left or right. They run to the same row of the plug pictured. On my old wires they have more of a green yellowish tint. On the new wires they are yellow (both pictured) can anyone help me figure out which one goes to the right and which one to the left. Thank you all in advance!!!!!
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