During the Texas freezeout this winter my air bag light decided to come on and stay on. Constant looking online gave me no help. Because this 2004 hatchback has no under seat sensors, no passenger airbag shut off, no side airbags and no pair of front impact sensors. Only info I could find was where the SRS module is and a single way to try a reset.

Well, the reset was a no go. Of course. I went to salvage yards and poured over several wrecked Aveos. One had the correct module. But not one showed me where the impact sensor is. Newer ones are in one of two positions on upper radiator frame.

Replaced SRS module. Peace, Air Bag light went off. Foooooor about 2 weeks. Came right back on. I figure I hit a bump and set it off. Here comes March. My car over due for inspection. I once again had the code for temp out of range. Replaced the thermostat. 2 days later?? Both the Check Engine light AND the Air Bag light shut back off. It's near May and still off. I thought Air Bag light is one that never goes off till SRS module is reset?

So, question remains, Where's the front impact sensor and does anyone know the interchange replacement number??