Do any of you guys fly or race radio control drones? I'm thinking about doing an inexpensive build to get into it. I've always been in to radio control stuff since I was in middle school. I had gotten away from it in for quite a few years, but recently revived an old speed boat I've had for years. We took it on a family vacation and had lots of fun with it. This lead to some youtubing and seeing lots of cool things that guys are doing with 3d printing and radio control. I now find myself reading up on all the drone stuff as I've never done that before and FPV (first person view) sounds really fun.

Do any of you guys do this stuff?

Here is my boat. Its an old (15+ years I think) Tower Hobbies rig. It used to have a mechanical speed controller and a large resistor. I updated it a bit to an old ESC I had in a truck, and threw in a 5200 mah lipo vs the old 2000 mah nicads it used to have. The run times are now gigantic compared to what it used to have haha.

The boat:

The old guts:

New guts!

Even modeled up and 3d printed a new prop. Still working on tweaking the design. OE is still fastest.

I also 3d printed a radial fan for the motor to cool it since it got a little warm with the larger battery.