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    Thread: Fuel pump or fuel filter 2009 aveo 1.6 manual 5 speed.

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      Fuel pump or fuel filter 2009 aveo 1.6 manual 5 speed.

      I just recently purchased a 2009 AVEO 1.6 liter 4 cylinder, manual shift 5 speed. I've had it about a week and yesterday I was going up a hill and it was like it was losing power as I attempted to floor it to get up then ill it was spitting and sputtering. Finally as the day progressed, it wouldn't start. I have done some research and some people say there is another fielder by the passenger rear wheel well? I looked on both sides and I guess my didn't come with that option. So I went online looking to buy the fuel sending unit or the fuel pump and I bought the fuel pump which comes with the fuel filter that's inside the fuel sending unit in the whole compartment. Now I'm no mechanic I will tell you this so I can follow directions and I can watch a video and pretty much get it done but I'm just seeing if there's anybody out there that could give me any tips or any know how or any lessons I could because it'll be in the mail tomorrow I would really appreciate it..

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      There is an EVAP canister behind the rear passenger wheel. Easy enough to replace that but very unlikely to be your problem.

      Replacing a fuel pump/sender assembly shouldn't be terribly difficult once you get to the fuel tank (did it on a Dodge Grand Caravan once, was pretty straightforward). According to the service manual, access can be gained through the floor underneath the rear seat

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