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    Thread: Installing dashcam -- need help running wire from fusebox -> A Pillar - > headliner

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      Installing dashcam -- need help running wire from fusebox -> A Pillar - > headliner

      I'm installing my new dashcam, and I need help running a USB cable from the fusebox (using an add-a-fuse) USB converter from the fusebox, up the A pillar, through the headliner, and coming out near the rear-view mirror. Are there any tutorials or manuals showing me how to to remove the front panel, A pillar, and loosen the headliner so I can run this USB cable? I have a 2009 4-door Aveo. Thanks!

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      The A pillar just pops off. It's held on by a couple clips. Just use a bit of force. The headliner should have enough space there to feed the cable in without having to loosen it. Maybe someone can chime in with an actual headliner removal suggestion, but I ran both my bluetooth mic and my remote start antennae underneath the headliner. I think I used a soft(ish) plastic paint scraper to gently push them back in a bit.

      By "front panel", if you mean the panel under the steering column, it also just pops off. You'll have to get your fingers in there to get a feel for where each clip is and use force where needed to pull it straight out. Underneath there is a metal plate, which is 5 bolts I believe.

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      Ivy has a good suggestion. I was going to run my dash cam from the overhead light power. You can consider that.

      Please do not power off, firmware update pending.....

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