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    Thread: What scantool to buy 2005 1.6 5 spd hatch

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      What's wrong with my car?
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      What scantool to buy 2005 1.6 5 spd hatch

      The car also has ABS. Is there a scantool that will help with ABS bleed and show ABS wheel sensor data and real time data and pending codes and current codes and readiness ? That is less than $300.00.

      New owner 90,000 (yes very low for a 19 year old car) miles. Daily use. Reliable but has a bad flat spot when I step on the gas at idle. Tends to hold revs a little during each shift when I let go of the gas pedal and push in the clutch pedal. Some herky jerky action if I am not careful with the gas pedal at low rpm in gear.

      Engine light came on the day after I bought it. Parts store scantool says O2 sensor. Why won't my old snap-on 2500 with OBD2 scan cartridge work on this car ? Or any other obd2 scanner I have ?

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      What do you mean there's no turbo? northguest47's Avatar
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      Hi Tirebiter welcome to the Forum - can't answer the scantool question as I was going to say the Scangauge II but its a simpler style. Aveos have a heavy drive belt pulley that causes a huge delay in spooling the motor up and down. This can be felt in the pedal when revving the motor. Installing an under-drive pulley solves this issue and adds a few hp.

      Also when you mention how it holds revs and the weird idling makes me think of a dirty throttle body butterfly valve actuation or switch which is an easy fix, but if its the electronics of the sensor which seems to be a known issue with some Aveos, some need a new throttle body, or some you can get just the switch.

      I have an '08 that had 54000 miles on it that was in almost impeccable condition for its age.. got it two years ago, I think the previous owners were a retired couple that used it as a Church runner (the rear seats were clearly never used).

      Car rocks. I just should have rustproofed it as soon as I got it. Car needs that and undercoating every winter to keep the steel. I can't decide whether to totally restore it and keep it for ten years or just run it on the cheap until the water pump goes again. Its such a decent car. Only the manual of course

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