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    Thread: engine swap? ideas?

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      Question engine swap? ideas?

      hey yall, new to the forum. Ive been thinking about making my 2005 Aveo 5sp manual a sleeper WITH A MANUAL. I like this one, as short and as weird as my first 2 gears are. I was just wondering, and too lazy to go thru 50+ pages of forum, if anyone has found an engine that fits in the engine bay that's NOT a 1.6L. any ideas? also wanna stay FWD and preferably, like I said, keep my trans. not a big deal if I have to go with a engine+trans combo swap. thanks!!

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      I am looking to move towards a VW 1.8T from MK4 golf/jetta. It takes time to prep since my Aveo is my DD.
      The Mk3 wheelbase and strut mounting is the same so it would be a good candidate. you would have to make a custom subframe to do anything cross-platform anyway.

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      I've read a bunch here that the 1.8 (cruze/sonic base motor) is a direct replacement and makes more power. I would think the 1.4T would swap in too. But that would need an ECM at the very least. I do think the weirdly long gear ratios in these cars would be great with a turbo.

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      The cruze engines are "direct" for the later ecotec aveo.

      I would look into a VR6 swap, with a 6 speed. There are support companies that offer practically stand alone wiring systems to put these engine into anything. I have a few friends reliably making over 500 hp after turbos.

      That was the route I was going to go if i still had mine. I have been through a dozen cars since it has been gone. Still miss it.

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