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    Thread: Clearing P2135 code!!! :)

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      Clearing P2135 code!!! :)

      Ok, so like many others, I got this code... the guys at the shop said it could be the throttle body, (the sensor on it, really, but it's not replaceable by itself.) After researching on this forum, I found that everybody who had the issue fixed it by either cleaning or replacing the throttle body. I asked, and it would be almost as much to have it cleaned as replaced. So, I did some searching, and found an article from an Aveo owner that was about using "Seafoam"... mentioned that "maybe my car isn't the best to test this on, because I take measures to keep my engine clean, including redlining it 2 or 3 times a week, which helps clean out the engine and can clear engine codes" So I thought, what the hell... I'd give it a shot. I have a warranty that covers repairs over $5oo, so if I blew the engine I was covered dealership, not manufacturer's warranty. Anyway, I took precautions I read about, making sure to warm it up THOROUGHLY, not just the coolant, but the oil. I didn't know when that was, so I drove for a good 30 mins after reaching operating temp. I just barely took it to 6500, but did it several times... and it didn't work right away. I parked at home, drove somewhere, and on the 3rd start, it went off and STAYED off... it's been 8 days of driving every day. The accelleration is smoother than ever in 1st gear at low rpms. Before that, I had the mechanics clear the code, and I had taken off the negative battery cable, trying to do the same. Both worked for about 3 engine cycles. So, I don't know a lot about cars, but I'm learning, and this REALLY worked, and may save me buying a new throttle body for awhile! Hope it helps some others, but use at your own risk. And warm your car WAY up.

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      Digging up a dead post for more info.

      How much Seafoam? To the gas tank?

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      Quote Originally Posted by XJCasper View Post
      Digging up a dead post for more info.

      How much Seafoam? To the gas tank?
      Seafoam how to ---> Sea Foam | How to Use Sea Foam Motor Treatment

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