Hi! 😊
Im new to this forum and I don't own a Aveo yet but It is just matter of time. 😊
Sorry for my English, its not my native language and I'm not very good but I try my best.
My question is about c20xe in shell of Aveo. I seen threats about putting lsj in Aveo and I think it's very fun project but in my country (Poland) Chevrolet is not very popular, but Opel is. I've got Daewoo Lanos and I want to put engine in it but it's very rusty and not in good condition 😔
So I started look for some new car where I can put engine from my old GSI. And after time I found some russian guy from drive2.ru who put xe in aveo. But there is practically zero information about this swap.
And I've got some questions. I've heard that Aveo, at least T200/T250 is next model after Lanos. So I'm guessing that some technical methods are same or very similar. Is engine swap similar that in Lanos? How about electronics? I've got a full c20xe with ECU and cables. Can somebody tell me what else I need to fit this engine in Aveo? In my country they will sell aveos only with 1.4 engine max. There was not 1.6 engines in polish aveos.
I hope somebody will help me. If do, I'll try to make a tutorial about putting this engine in