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    Thread: Auto Transmission fluid change....yes or no?

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      Auto Transmission fluid change....yes or no?

      Well the trans. fluid in my Aveo has never been changed. Now at a 'whopping' 49K miles, should I do it...yes or no?
      It shifts perfect....and all I keep hearing from every online mechanic.....is that if you have old fluid that works well in ANY trans. [other than Jatco CVT junk].....dont change it if it has never been done, the dirty fluid is keeping it shifting correctly and if you change it out...the new clean fluid will cause slipping and screw it up.

      So..here I am...asking for opinions. I have never even been able to find out if there is a simple drain bolt on this transmission, so i could try and do it myself. Some Chevy dealers say there isnt one...others say it must be done at the dealer...of course. Well...no way to that. Even online looking for articles about this small issue...no info. So....anyone in here know if there is one or not??

      Ok...guess thats it. Thanks for input. Yes I have owned this Aveo since day one. So only me driving it and now I put maybe 2 miles a week on it. Gonna be my last car...more than likely. Got another car I use to drive 95% of the time. But not gonna spend the price of a house to buy the NEW crap that is out that. So want to keep this one running as good as it looks.

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      Should I keep it?
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      I religiously change my atf! Bought a 2012 model (4 speed Aisin tranny)
      First bought it used, changed it at 70,000 kms. Looked a bit dirty to be honest. Changed filter and gasket, new T-IV Toyota atf.
      I dropped the pan and filter, measuring what came out.
      New atf in, ran it for a bit, then drained it again and refilled to wash out more.

      Now at 101,000 kms, just changed the filter/gasket and ATF again. Came out really clean, no particles on the filter at all which is a good sign.

      I only use T-IV Toyota in my 4 speed. Mobil 3309 I believe can be used also, which I think are the same. I don't have mobil available here.
      New filter and gasket everytime.

      Preventative maint for trannys is fundamental! ATF is not expensive and its fairly easy to change it on this model.

      Our drivng is severe, hot climate in summer and several daily short drives with severe stop/start driving in heavy traffic.

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