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    Thread: Buying my first chevy aveo..

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      Buying my first chevy aveo..

      Hi yall! Im new to the forum and new to the Aveo world, not new to chevys as ive grown up with nothing but chevy trucks, although my fiance and i need something fuel efficient as we will be commuting every day about 35 mins to and 35 min from or destination.

      I have been researching and looming into efficient cars and i came across the aveo.

      I found one for sale not to far from me, with many bells and whistles and from what i gathered has been a very well maintained car...but b4 i make a choice i want to gather some more insight.

      So it is a 2004 with 140,000 miles on it. Only thing mentioned that will need to be worked on or replaced is the front shocks/struts sooner than later...is there anything i should specifically ask the man about the car? Anything i should specifically look for/at?

      Any and all info would be so so appreciated as i havent had a car or my license in over 7 years and am finally able to obtain both..and need to commute everyday.

      Thank you in advance! If need any other info to help assist me i will do best i can.

      Thank you tons !!

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      What do you mean there's no turbo?
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      Try to find out when the timing belt was last replaced. Supposed to be replaced every 60k miles per the owner's manual.

      These cars are also notorious for having a leaky valve cover gasket, and cracking the plastic oem thermostat housing, but both are easily replaceable.

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