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    Thread: 2008 Aveo LT Sedan information?

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      2008 Aveo LT Sedan information?


      I'm new here, and I'm the type of person who goes to the enthusiasts for advice on anything! So here's the issue...

      I want to sell my Aveo. Mainly because it's automatic and I want to learn manual to be honest. I bought it from my mom to get around town, it's not in my name just yet.

      It has new spark plugs, new brakes, new tie rods, new battery... it's going to get a new rad and exhaust this weekend. Nothing special sadly. The "owner" (aka my mother) isn't big for performance... she was pretty worrisome and changed the fluids frequently (especially oil) at 110k KMs, I feel like it was way too often. :P

      So, how much do you think it's worth? Me and my brother been arguing over it for awhile now lol.

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      You can price out what it's worth on Edmunds and/or Kelley Blue Book. Without knowing the condition, your location, mileage, etc. it's impossible to say.

      Also, why are you using KM when your location says US?

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