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    Thread: Evap issue

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      Evap issue

      I have a 2010 Chevy Aveo LT I keep getting the same evap codes along with neutral park code p0706 p0449 00455. I've changed both The purge valve solenoid along with the canister for the evap I've checked all the lines nothing has been damaged. I will drive the car after clearing codes car drives fine after several miles the car will begin to get a heavy smell of gas then it will go into a lymph mode can anyone tell me or any idea what I can do or point me in the right direction I'm at a lose at this point

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      I've had similar Evap issues with my 2009. You mention you've replaced the canister and purge valve. However, you didn't mention anything about the Vent Valve. Is there a reason why you didn't replace the Vent Valve? They are pretty cheap at RockAuto. Also, I assume you've checked the gas cap. The gas cap seal usually wears out after 10 years, so now might be a good time for a replacement gas cap while you're at it. Deano

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