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    Thread: Why does this keep happening??

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      What's wrong with my car?
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      Lightbulb Why does this keep happening??

      I was driving and my battery light came on and then when I turned the car off it wouldn't start so once I charged the battery I got it going again but the same thing happened so I bought and replaced the alternator and surpentine belt and even bought a new battery everything was fine once replaced but then the other day I was driving it around and had been all day out the blue the battery light came back on and I turned it off and it wouldn't start back so I got a boost and was able to get it home but it is blowing my mind as to why this keeps happening...please help me with this?? Thank you!!

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      What do you mean there's no turbo?
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      Welcome to the AVEO forum/club! Smart people know Aveos are reliable, handle well and cheap to operate, making the Aveo a great buy for the money. Sorry to hear your Aveo is temporarily not feeling well. I don't know much about what makes Aveos run, but please be patient. There are many members on this forum that are very well versed in maintenance and repair/troubleshooting. I am sure, once they read your post, you will get some xlnt info. It might expedite the reply, if you give the year and mileage of your manual transmission Aveo. Good luck! Keep us informed of your progress and again...welcome aboard! Edit...for what it is worth, your problem and what you have done sounds like a bad ground, but I'm not sure where to look or how to test for one.

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