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      Quote Originally Posted by billetpete View Post
      Okay then if I'm putting the key in the ignition every time how could it possibly be out of range?
      That's kind of what I'm wondering, too. maybe try starting the car a few times, being aware of whether or not you're pushing the key in as far as possible, or having it as far away from the scan ring. It's possible that the mm or two difference is causing your problem, even if it seems unlikely. But the keys definitely don't need the battery to communicate with the immobilizer, so something else is keeping them from communicating all the time, since the chips are some version or similar model to NXP's PCF7935 (at least in my key, for my '09 Aveo Sedan).

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      I changed my key battery recently. It was hard to unlock the car and with a new battery it works great. Interesting thing was that with a dying battery I had to stand further away from the car in order to unlock it. If I was staying close to the car it was impossible to unlock remotely.

      I have a feeling that my car used to flash turning lights when I unlock and lock (maybe I am wrong). Now it only flashes upon unlocking.

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