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    Thread: Newbe from Royal Oak MI

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      What's wrong with my car?
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      Newbe from Royal Oak MI

      Hi all! I have been surfing this forum for over a year, and just decided to introduce myself. I'm Matt, from southeast MI. I have a 2010 LT sedan. I purchased the car new in juse of 2010, and have been doing some mods as of late. I Started with a sub. and soon discovered that the head unit and speakers needed to be upgraded to match the sq of the sub. So, as of now I have

      - Kenwood head unit
      - JL 360 4 Ch.
      - 2 kenwood 6.5's in the front (had to create my own spacers)
      - 2 JL evolution 6.5"s in the rear. (would have done the JL in the front, but the mounting depth was to deep)
      - Alpine MR450 Mono block
      - 1 Alpine 10" type R sub (sounds insane)
      - Avital remote start/alarm, with keyless entry
      - Warm air intake under the hood
      - And a custom switch plate that I installed under the head unit, in that anoying gap!
      - Curently the witches only controll the mono block and the 4ch. I left an extra switch to controll the guages I hope to install over the holidays....once some funds become available.

      Any input/ questions or advice would be great! Thnaks for an amazing forum!

      Oh and somebody tell me how to upload pics...the uploader keeps failing. Do I need to host them somewhere?

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