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    Thread: Selling my Aveo :/

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      Unhappy Selling my Aveo :/

      Hey guys... its time for me to upgrade. As much as I love aveos fuel economy I think its time to upgrade to something a bit faster and beefier.

      So after thinking about it...especially with the gas mileage and having 50,000 miles... Im happy to say im keeping the aveo and gonna do something more to it.
      thinkin: turbo?supercharge? exhaust?

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      Id love to have that roof rack if you would part with it.

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      Sorry to see your Aveo go but I know what you mean about moving on. I bought a 2012 Cruze Eco and I love it! Best of luck with your new car!

      Missing our beloved 1st gen Aveos everyday!
      Silence is golden. Duct tape is silver!!
      04 Aveo (mine gone but never forgotten)
      07 Aveo 5 (wifes car gone but never forgotten)
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      12 Cruze Eco 6MT
      (46mpg daily? Holy crap!)
      12 Sonic 2LT (Wifeys new wheels)

      Chevoo-1/2 Chevy, 1/2 Daewoo. I mean like WTF?

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