Hi all

I have a strange problem with my Chevrolet Kalos 2005
All light was working 2 days ago but today when i started the car the left rear light was dead.i changed the bulps but it was not that.
Here in Europe we have all car turning the driving light on automaticly and mine does that to ofcause.
There must be something controlling the automaticly turn on light because when i turn the light on manually.
You know normally you dont turn anything on you just start the car and light is on.
So when i start the car light turns on but not the left rear/back light.
When i manually turn on the light all light is working ?
What can the problem be ???
I know you will say just turn the light on manually but thats not a good ide because iím used to light turning on automaticly so i forget to turn it off again and the batteri will be flat
So anyone have an ide what this can be ?

Thanks a lot.

Lui P
Kalos/Aveo Hatchback T200 2005

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