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    Thread: Ever replaced valve lifters?

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      Ever replaced valve lifters?

      Ive got an 09 Aveo5. 115k miles.
      Replacing all the timing crap and water pump, and all the gaskets that touch the head.
      While Im at it, Id like to replace the lifters because they were starting to clack before I tore it open for the timing issue. I read about using a feeler gage to measure the clearance, and measure the height of the lifters with a mic,
      From what I read, is it true that I can order lifters of certain heights?, to attain the necessary cam lobe to lifter clearance?
      Anybody got a link / source?

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      You can get higher ratio rockers sure, but for this stock engine and cam it is unnecessary, the new ones won't be lifting the valves much higher than what the stock cam does to the original lifters once adjusted. All you need is the feeler guage and tighten to the correct valve lash and preload spec and the noise will go away.

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