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    Thread: Lack of power on Aveo Ecologic 2009

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      Lack of power on Aveo Ecologic 2009

      Hi there,
      I own a Chevrolet Aveo Ecologic (uses both petrol and gas) from 2009. It is a great car.
      But I have one concern about it. When I drive on the highway in the Netherlands I am allowed to reach 130kmh. The thing is my Aveo barely makes it to the 130kmh which makes it kind of dangerous to drive in traffic on the highways. I find this kind of strange because the car is meant to have 80hp. Also when I drive uphill I lose a considerable amount of power.

      Next to this problem I have another concern about the car randomly not wanting to idle, when stopped at a traffic light of when I drive away from home. The thing is that this does not always happen. This happens every now and then.

      Does anyone have any ideas what could cause these problems.

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      What's wrong with my car?
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      see the attached image of my Haynes Manual for 2004-2011 Chevrolet Aveo models. It shows possible causes for certain symptoms. Sounds like your engine stalls too if it doesn't want to idle? Fuel delivery problems (fuel injection system in particular) seem to be a symptom of both engine stalling and lack of power. Clogged exhaust system is also something I would suspect.

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