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    Thread: Having an Aveo has been super weird because finding parts for them are strange.

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      Having an Aveo has been super weird because finding parts for them are strange.

      Has anyone ever had problems finding parts for the 2009-2011 Chevy Aveo?

      I have 3 parts I am looking for that rockauto says that fits my 2010 Chevy Aveo but according to GM it does not.

      -Idle Air Control Valve
      -Crankshaft Position Sensor
      - Throttle Position Sensor

      What should I do? Call the Chevy dealership so I can get the right part numbers?
      Every time I take it somewhere to have the part install someone says this isn’t the right part and on amazon and rockauto they say it is lmao.

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      The file has been deleted.

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      2009-2011 Aveo Pontiac G3 2009-2010 most parts are the same motors on the 2009 cams crank rods block are a little diffrent but most part are the same I have a Pontiac G3 2009 with a 2010 engine and 2011 ECM

      Rockauto is a litte confusing at times and list parts that don't go with the listed car
      2009-2011 have the VVT motor 2 cam sensors on left side of motor and 2 solenoids right side front and back L-R are swaped as your looking at from front of car hood up

      But you do not have am IAC valve and in your car idle it's controlled by the throttle body and ECM also there is no replaceable TPS sensor it's part of the throttle body if you have a bad TPS You have to replace the throttle body. For thețuse ntk eh0046 crank position sensor you will have to remove the starter to get acess

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      I have owned my Aveo since last December, and I have grown to really like it, but I too find it a "project" at times to find parts. So far I have found all of what I need, but does require some homework. I actually have great luck with eBay.

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