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    Thread: Front struts (compatible between different years?)

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      What do you mean there's no turbo?
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      Viciousvic, My post (comment) was to those members whose choice of expression was, in my opinion, unbecoming to the Forum. It was NOT directed at you! You're good n your advice on x-ref is totally-100% helpful to anyone that needs the advice. I apologize if you thought otherwise. The matter is settled..off the table. Let us all continue to benefit n enjoy the AVEO Forum. RGR

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      Same dimensions KYB listed different one for a Pontiac G3 at a certain serial number I have had them on a 2008 before the front ones were to soft on compression and to much rebound had emailed KYB and was they were the same dimensions just diffrent valving were stiffer put the newer part number and were stiffer than the older number and more balanced front to rear so if you ever get KYB get the ones for 2010 2011 but if you want a smother ride Oespectrum as those were on the car I bought replaced them a 1 lost dampening after a while

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