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    Thread: Aveo shifter modification project

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      Post Aveo DIY short shifter modification project

      Hi everyone. As an introduction, I bought a Chevy aveo in 2021, just like this one:

      I´ve always hated the shifter, and all the play it has. I recorded a video showing it:

      I decided I'd do something about it, so I started researching how the mechanism worked. Here´s an image of it:

      I also made a video of how this mechanism works:

      Basically what I did is I replaced the plastic bushings for bearings. This are the bushing tat come in the middle shaft:

      It has an external diameter of 23mm, the most common bearings I found was 22mm, so I welded a little to reduce trhe diameter:

      -----> ----->

      Also, there is an a shaft that goes in the middle that is 9mm in diameter (the bearings have 8mm), so I just replaced it for a bolt and a nut that goes under the support:

      This has completely eliminated the play from the main mechanism. There are a few more things I plan on modifying and I will continue posting here.

      I will attach some 3D models to make everything clearer:

      As you can see, the nut goes below. It's not easy to get it in there, but it does work, and it completely eliminates the play from the shaft.

      I will continue to improve on the mechanism, as there are many things to improve, and I'll keep this updated to help anyone who wants to do this.

      Hope you like it. Cheers!

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