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    Thread: How do I remove hidden key lock cover 2014 Chev Sonic?

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      Question How do I remove hidden key lock cover 2014 Chev Sonic?

      I have found a solution Thanks all

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      Removing the hidden key lock cover in a 2014 Chevy Sonic vehicle involves a straightforward process designed to provide access to the manual keyhole in case the electronic key fob is not functioning. The hidden key lock cover is a discreet feature located on the driver's side door handle, beneath the smooth surface. Follow these steps to uncover and access the manual keyhole:

      Locate the Cover: Begin by closely inspecting the driver's side door handle. Look for a small, inconspicuous cover that seamlessly blends with the overall design. This cover is positioned strategically to conceal the manual keyhole.

      Use a Tool or Key: Depending on the design, you can carefully pry open the cover using a flathead screwdriver or the edge of another key. Gently insert the tool into the seam and apply slight pressure to pop the cover off. Some models might have a release mechanism that requires a key or a specific tool to unveil the manual keyhole.

      Reveal the Keyhole: Once the cover is removed, the manual keyhole should be exposed. It is typically a small opening designed to accommodate the physical key for unlocking the door.

      Insert the Key: Take the physical key that came with your Chevy Sonic and insert it into the keyhole. Turn the key as you would normally to unlock the door manually.

      Replace the Cover: After using the manual keyhole, reattach the hidden key lock cover by snapping it back into place. Ensure that it sits securely and seamlessly, maintaining the vehicle's sleek appearance.

      Understanding how to access the hidden key lock cover in a 2014 Chevy Sonic provides an additional layer of convenience and ensures that you can enter your vehicle even if the electronic key fob malfunctions.

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