I have this issue with my 2009 Aveo5 manual transmission where when i open the doors or turn the ignition to ON the parking lights blink exactly 20 times then pause then blink 6 more times. This happens if the key is in the On position as well as when the key is in my pocket when i first get in or out of the car. This is very annoying and also prevents the car from going into the manual transmission mode on the remote starter. So i cant remote start it.

The problem first started when i let the car sit for a couple months with a dead battery. I have since replaced battery and problem continues.

I checked all the fuses and everything looks okay.

I can hear the relay clicking under the hood as well as something clicking under the drivers side dash.

I have tried disconecting the negative on the battery and reconnecting with the key ON. This appears to work for a second as when you remove the key and open the door the lights do not flash. However as soon as you put key in ignition and turn to ON, the lights all blink their routine again. From this point on the lights blink when the door is opened.

I have a remote start that came with the car, i believe it was professionally installed somewhere. I do not think it is an issue however because i was able to still remote start the car after using the negative battery reset trick and instead of removing the key, i started the car. When i shut the car off it went into the manual transmission mode and remote started fine. However when i opened the door the problem started again and the engine shut down. All of the error codes for my remote starter start with 3 blinks then a pause not 20, so i dont think it is trying to sell me something.

My current solution is to turn the parking lights on or the headlights on. I can still hear something clicking under the dash but the lights will turn on steadily and not blink anymore. The car still drives fine except for the lights flash for what seems like forever everytime the door is opened or the key is turned.

I am pretty much willing to look into anything but i dont really know where to start from this point. Please help.
My brain is trying to think of things that could be wrong but i do not know alot about them like:
1. Car has a remote starter and bypass module installed, there is a little button taped to the wiring harness under drivers side dash that i think is connected to bypass module. Have no idea what this does.
2. Possible bad ground or short somewhere but i dont have a clue where to start poking around with probes, any wires all connected together somewhere? I have a probe.