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    Thread: Not my Aveo but I said I would try to help....sounds like fuel starvation.

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      Not my Aveo but I said I would try to help....sounds like fuel starvation.

      It's a 2009 Aveo manual with S-TEC II 16 valve stamped on the valve cover.
      It has 177 000kms on the odo.

      The fault was reported in a way that makes me thing fuel starvation or electronics....ambient temp was 36 degrees C....at a point the car began jerking and losing power then picked up again, then losing again and picking up again. Then it died, fortunately at the destination a moment before being shut down.
      On restart some time later it struggled to start, got going, and ran and stumbled its way home.

      It has stood for a few days since.

      I took it for a run earlier - ambient about 34 degrees C....let it warm up at idle to normal operating temp (mid-gauge) before driving off on a run for about 10 kilometres.

      I noticed immediately on starting that the tachometer reads significantly below zero at idle, and once warm the needle seems to be at rest at the limit of its travel on the zero side.
      Tank is full.
      On the return run, climbing a gentle gradient at a tad over mid-throttle - it might have missed a beat, just for a split second.
      On arrival at the workshop it might have stalled or I may have just fluffed the throttle/clutch thing up the rise into a parking bay.
      On restarting it seemed to run up to quite high revs for a few seconds and then settled down again, revs seemed disproportionate to pedal position.

      Some oil sweating from valve cover gasket area but injectors and surrounding area seem dry. Mounting area for coil pack off the end of the camshaft region is a bit oily but the coil pack itself is dry.
      Generally it's pretty clean and neat if dusty. It's a farm.....

      Tacho seems to be underreading significantly across the rev range - I feel I am hearing higher revs than I am seeing indicated. Needle seems sluggish.

      I don't have a scanner - I don't know where I would plug it in if I had one. As I have said in the post introducing myself, I don't have much experience with electronics on cars. Any suggestions on a budget conscious scanner option?
      The car I bought yesterday for myself is a 2003 Skoda 1.4 TDI - I might need a scanner for that too.

      What else....ummm....battery looks very new and I think I saw it being jump started from another car a week or so ago.

      Is the fuel filter integral with fuel pump, possibly under the back seat somewhere??
      Is there a way to see errors on the dash display by jiggery-pokery of the indicator stalks or something?

      Any thoughts or suggestions?

      All info much appreciated......muito obrigado.

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      Fuel system sounds to be were to start. Id start and check the fuel pressure. Then change fuel filter and fuel regulator. Could be the fuel pump is going. Those aren't to terrible to change. Under the back seat access to the tank and unscrew the clamp for the sending unit. Pull the sending unit out and you can get a new fuel pump and replace it in the sending unit. The unit disassembles fairly straight forward but its all plastic so be cautious to not snap anything (I have done that not being careful and ended up buying an entire sender with pump which are not cheap versus just buying a pump).

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