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    Thread: Latest on throttle body problems? (P2135 codes)

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      Latest on throttle body problems? (P2135 codes)

      I know this is a known issue, at least on the 2006 Aveo, so I wanted to get the current status before going parts shopping...

      I got P2135 codes while the car was under warranty, the dealer kept resetting the code and giving me the car back until I ripped them a new one. They replaced the throttle body once they realized I knew how code resets worked, and that finally fixed the problem. That was at about 24,000 miles. I'm at 105,000 miles now, and the P2135 code is back. I know this model has recurring problems with the throttle body.

      Are there any recommended fixes besides replacing the throttle body? I don't want to spend the $180 if this is a known design flaw that can be fixed some other way.



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      One member took his apart I vaguely recall and couldn't find any issue with it. There was nothing noticeably wrong with it. I can't seem to find the thread...

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      Talking Throttle body codes, limp home mode, CURED!!!

      I finally fixed my throttle body codes by CLEANING THE BATTERY CABLE CHASSIS GROUND!
      I spent too much money on coil pack, O2 sensor, computer and at the GM dealer who gave me my car back broken.
      I read in these forums about bad batteries and or charging system messing with the voltage monitoring of the TAC/TPS.
      I cleaned my battery posts and at that time I noticed the chassis ground right behind the battery under the computer. I put a socket wrench on it and the bolt wasn't very tight. I took the bolt all the way out and sanded the paint from the ground area and buffed the ring terminal. Torqued the bolt down good and tight and ALL driveability problems are cured!

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