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    Thread: How should I remove my reverse switch? (Picture attached)

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      How should I remove my reverse switch? (Picture attached)

      My car is a 5sp manual 2009 aveo

      The reverse switch has looked like this since I got the car. Just today it started giving me problems. It only works when someone is pushing it in all of the way.

      How should I go about removing it, since the socket is destroyed? I don't want to start until I have a good idea of how to go about this. I don't want to mess it up even more to where I can't remove it at all.

      Also, how does this even happen? Is it possible that battery acid did this? I'm interested to see what would have caused this to happen. I'm also curious as to what you even call this. Would it just be called a split open socket, or is there a name for something like this?

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      Being that you have no hex portion to grip onto, you're kind of screwed. First off, how to the hex head snap off? It looks like someone over-tightened it based upon the wear on the transmission case.

      You can also theoretically snap off the electrical connector and drill out or use an extractor on the threaded portion; however, if there is any debris, its going to be falling into the transmission which is not good. Or a little more technical; snap off the electrical connector, weld or jb weld another bolt to the threaded portion and use the new bolt to extract the threaded portion that remains. But this way is more incumbents of how seized that threaded portion may be; you might get luck and it may just pop out, or it just might be totally seized and needs to be drilled and snapped out.

      Personally, I would just leave it as is. Depending on the space available, you or a legit mechanic would have to drop the transmission to be able to do it the right way.

      Either way, let us know what you do.
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      This may seem a bit rough, my suggestion is to un-plug the cable from the switch.
      Leave the broken brass fitting/switch in the gearbox, abandon the switch, the potential for disasters is reduced.
      Make a cable extension and bring that into the cab.
      Fit a toggle switch in a convenient place on the dash, connect cable.
      Just remember to switch it off when not in use.

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