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    Thread: high beams are dead...one low beam is out. help, please?

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      Angry high beams are dead...one low beam is out. help, please?

      I suspect I'm dealing with two separate issues:

      Most importantly, I think, is my high beam problem. A month ago, the high beam indicator on my instrument panel started dimming. The high beams themselves would work sporadically. Finally, they (both the high beam indicator and the high beams themselves) stopped working completely. RIP. I don't know what's going on.

      Regarding the low beams...the passenger side has gone out three times in the past two years...this is the fourth time. No idea what's going on there either.

      I'm frustrated and poor and I'd like to diagnose and fix the problem myself...with your help.

      Thanks for you help in advance.


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      I take it you've checked fuses?

      When you say the lows went out 3 times, what was the fix there?

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      I would take a good look at the headlight wiring harness. I had both corrode on me and would do funky stuff to the headlights. Eventually, one plug melted and the other was one showed signs of heat damage too.

      I leased Pontiac Wave from September 2006 to August 2011.

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