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    Thread: HELP get a recall for the P2135 obd code for a replacement throttle body! File NHTSA

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      P2135 Code Solution-Help Get a Recall

      Please file a vehicle safety complaint with the NHTSA. Help every Aveo owner including myself get their "P2135 Throttle/ Pedal Position Sensor / Switch A / B Voltage Correlation" problem solved for FREE in the near future. This code that requires Aveo owners to most often buy a new throttle body which costs anywhere from $80-$252 non-GM and $300 through GM AC Delco. Don't forget that's just the part not the labor. My problem caused my vehicle to stall out, just like others, and other people claim to go into limp mode leaving them to drive at a low maximum speed. After looking at this problem online there seems to be too many affected for there to not be a recall involved already. I filed a complaint today with my affected part as the engine. I submitted pictures of my code reader showing the code and pictures of the yourmechanic website article on the specific code.



      This is my full complaint:

      Somewhere in between the 81,100 - 81,300 miles mark my vehicle has received the check engine light P2135 code, for Throttle/Pedal Sensor/Switch A / B Voltage Correlation. At the time of receiving the code I did not notice anything irregular until I researched the problem. One of the symptoms being, revving of the engine when gas pedal is not pressed. That's when I realized my car had been doing that just recently on start up before receiving the code. Finally after about a month, driving very minimally maybe 10 shorts trips or less, the car stalled out after approximately 0.1 miles of below 15mph driving. I got out and checked under the hood and I didnt see anything wrong so I began to push the car back home. After I realized it would take some maneuvering I decided to try starting the car backup and it did so I quickly turned it around and drove it back home. Stalling of the engine is also a symptom of the P2135 code. Since than out of necessity I've driven the car twice for 13 mile trips without stalling out but the check engine light has not gone away. The engine still revs on its on start up until finally settling into consistency. After trying to figure out what exactly needs replacing online, it appears evident to me that a large amount Chevy Aveos no matter the year or model, encounter this problem. It's just a matter of how many owners talked about the problem online and reported it. Those who have taken it online fixed the problem by cleaning the throttle body, which only lasted for so long and could result in damage or getting a whole new throttle body assembly with a new throttle position sensor attached.

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