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    Thread: HELP get a recall for the P2135 obd code for a replacement throttle body! File NHTSA

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      P2135 Code Solution and Suggestion

      Bring your vehicle to a shop for scan tool computer program procedure called "IDLE LEARN RESET" Please be aware that messing with your throttle body comes with risks. If you decide you want to take it out and clean it I recommend you have a high end scan tool right there available or you might not be able to drive anymore. This video goes over the risks of removing your throttle body:

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      I just recently got back the P0116 code for the coolant temperature sensor it apparently can cause a hard starting engine.

      My other suggestion:
      Please file a vehicle safety complaint with the NHTSA. Help every Aveo and other GM vehicle owners in the future get the problem solved free. This code has GM vehicle owners buying a new throttle body just for the sensor which costs anywhere from $80-$252 non-GM and $300 with GM. Don't forget that's just the part not the labor. My problem caused my vehicle to stall out, just like others, and other people claim to go into limp mode leaving them to drive at a low maximum speed. Which happened to me with an aftermarket throttle body. After looking at this problem online there seems to be too many affected for there to not be a recall involved already. I filed a complaint with my affected part as the engine. I submitted pictures of my code reader showing the code and pictures of the yourmechanic website article on the specific code.


      Did a new throttle position sensor NOT fix your P2135 code?
      Did you fix it with the accelerator pedal position sensor?
      Did you fix it with the accelerator position sensor connector?
      Did you fix it with a new PCM or ECU?
      Did you fix it with new wiring/harness/circuit?

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