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    Thread: Metal Thermostat Hosuing replacment

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      Metal Thermostat Hosuing replacment

      So I bought the new thermostat housing to get rid of the plastic one and I was just wondering on how easy it is to install so I dont run into leaks and problems. Would I just undo the hoses, catch liquid, take old thermostat out, replace with new one, put hoses back on, and fill coolant back up? and then i saw a youtube video where the washers on the factory bolts need to be taken off? true? any leaks afterwards? Thanks guys/girls

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      very easy to replace. Did mine on the side of the road with a hot engine. A lot cussing (burnt hand) it got done. You don't loose that much fluid either. Just need a long socket set. My only problem was the pinch clamp did not work as well once back on. I slid it back and put on a screw clamp from a hardware store.
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      It's a very simple job. I had two issues though...

      1. I bought an aluminum housing and cracked the lips off where the bolts thread through... So be careful and tighten them evenly.

      2. The rubber o-ring behind the old housing stretched a mile as soon as I took it apart, so I had to buy a new o-ring.

      Not big problems, just things that I ran into that I think others should know about. Good luck!

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