Hey guys, just did a Coilover install and made my own end link kit to retro fit the sway bars to the coilover. Took me two days but everything turned out great. Just really wanted to take my time making the brackets, the goal was to make sure there wasn't any binding in the suspension.

I'm going to put together a pdf of my install showing you how to install the coilovers and the end link kit. The Kit will include hardware, brackets, the end links, and a pictured pdf of the install. The Kit takes the guess work and the extra man hours out of what you have to do to get your Aveo lowered. If any of you are interested in this kit please message me. Links to where you can purchase will be coming soon.

Won't let me upload pics directly, here's some pics after install. https://imgur.com/gallery/wjz3AEa