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    Thread: What are these lights?

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      What are these lights?

      Right beside my headlights toward the outside edge, are they additional turn signal lights? Park lights? Reflectors? Just curious since my turn signals under the headlights work fine and they haven't done anything since I got this car. It's an 08 aveo 5

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      On your 2008 Aveo 5, the lights beside the headlights toward the outside edge are likely the parking lights or side marker lights. They serve to enhance visibility and indicate the vehicle's width to other drivers. If these lights aren't functioning, it could be due to a bulb issue, wiring problem, or a fuse concern. Inspect the bulbs, check the wiring for any visible damage, and verify the corresponding fuse. If issues persist, seeking professional assistance or consulting the vehicle's manual for specific details on these lights would be advisable.

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