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    Thread: Do They Make Shades For The Aveo Hatch?

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      Do They Make Shades For The Aveo Hatch?

      By 'shades', I am the louvers that I use to see all the time on Camero and Firebird hatchglass, and had on my very old 1981 VW Rabbit hatch also. They made them out of ABS plastic, or thin aluminum, you know, to block out the sun and still let you see through the hatch. I loved them, but frankly havent seen them on any current cars in like a decade. Did they just stop making them for ANY car at all? Or were they outlawed? I think it would look great on the Aveo HatchBack, and be a huge help in the upcoming summer heat. So..thought i would ask if anyone has seen them anyplace? Or has them, or did they go the way of the last series of FireBirds and the old Hot Hatchbacks of the 1980's?

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      i think they disappeared with discotechs and fish in your shoes..

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      yeah they do. check out www.welcometothetwentyfirstcentury.com

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