Hi, I am driving ayear 2004 1.4 DOHC Chevrolet Aveo. It came with a F14D3 engine which is similarly to F16D3 (US version). The F14D3 is a 1.4 while the F16D3 is a 1.6. The only difference I studied so far is that the 1.6 have longer stroke and slightly bigger bore. And also higher lift cams on the cylinder head.

Anyone know where I can find the crankshaft, piston, piston rings, or basically all the internal in the center block of the engine of F16D3. So that I can stroke my F14D3 to a F16D3 (1400cc to 1600cc).

And to all experts out there, anything else I need to consider in this mod?

Also what is the manual gearbox I have now? Is it the same as the 1.6 Aveo in US? I am planning to do some job on the flywheel and clutch. Basically skim the flywheel to lighten it. Anyone know whether a used aveo F16D3 aveo flywheel fits a F14D3 Aveo? I found quite a lot at car-parts.com. But then I am afraid it would not fit.

Anyone have the parts book? Can check the part number of the flywheel and clutch for me?

So far I have done port and polish, skimmed the head,, removed the cat, and put in a long 4-1 Exos header, changed to walbro 255 l/min fuel pump, and changed to external SARD Fuel regulator done Unichip piggyback tuning. The dyno result is 90hpand 190Nm at the wheel.