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      Part numbers

      Hi all. Bought a Aveo 2012 1.3 diesel had for 4 months and now I need a new turbo. Problem is I can't get hold of all the hoses/pipes. Been on ebay got a part but wasnt delivered. The garage doesn't know the numbers but they said I can use corsa parts. But I don't now the oem numbers. The garage said they can't get the numbers. All they said its not the oil side. Does anyone have the full oem numbers for chevrolet or vauxhall?

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      Sourcing OEM numbers for Chevrolet Aveo 2012 1.3 diesel turbo hoses can be challenging. Try reaching out to Chevrolet or Vauxhall customer support directly, providing your vehicle details for accurate part information. Alternatively, visit an authorized dealership with your VIN to ensure precise compatibility. Online forums and community discussions might offer insights from Aveo owners who faced similar issues. If possible, consult repair manuals or consider professional automotive parts platforms for comprehensive listings. Persistence in seeking accurate OEM numbers is key to securing the correct hoses for your specific model.

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