I have a 2011 Chevy Aveo5 LT that I just acquired. It only has a standard key. When I called the dealer about getting a replacement key with remote, he took my last 8 of my VIN and verified that I should be able to buy a replacement remote key.

So I see a few options out there and want to be sure I get the right one. And since I only have a working ignition key, will the "turn to run" programming method work or am I looking at a dealer/locksmith to get this programmed?

In case it is any help, last 8 of VIN are BB2040259. From that he told me he thought it was the 2 button remote but I see a lot of adds for the 3 button remote. I'm not even sure how the 2 button remote works since it only has a key for lock and a key for trunk. Does it not remotely unlock the car?

Any help is appreciated.