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    Thread: 2008 aveo timing belt

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      What's wrong with my car?
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      2008 aveo timing belt

      Hello all, I figured this was the best place to come for genuine advice 🤞

      I bought a 2008 Aveo the other night. Seller told me the fan belt tensioner needed to be replaced but wasnt a big issue.
      Turns out on my way home, the timing belt went.
      I was in first gear, taking off and that was it. I dont think it would have done much damage but I don't know much about cars.

      Has anyone experienced this?

      Can I just put the belt back on or do I need a mechanic to do it? I cant imagine the pins or clogs moved an awful lot but a friend says if I put the belt on wrong it could ruin the engine?

      Would I be as well off trying it myself, getting a mechanic to try and fix it or search for a new engine?

      I'm on a very tight budget so need to pick the best option and go with it.

      Thanks in advance.

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      What's wrong with my car?
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      You should get your car to a mechanic, and find what is what.

      He is the right person to tell you if the engine is ruined, or it can be fixed by simply installing a new belt.

      I don't know about your mechanical expertise, but changing a timing belt isn't easy so, if you don't have some experience, leave it to a professional mechanic.

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