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    Thread: Seniors Jimny, Beige/Black and Auto :: 2019 Suzuki Jimny

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      General Information
      Seniors Jimny, Beige/Black and Auto
      Beige with Black Roof
      GLX-SZ5: https://www.suzuki.com.au/vehicles/models/jimny/specifications

      This car replaces 'AV30 WA', a 2011 Holden Barina Classic Sedan.
      New Car: Full tank at 060km, 15 February 2019
      Schedule Service: 322/377km, 13 August 2019
      Next Fill: 35 liters at 403km, 16 September 2019
      Schedule Service: 563km, 24 February 2020
      Next Fill: 30.5 liters at 703km, 18 May 2020
      Schedule Service: 800/840km, 18 August 2020
      6 October 2020, at 865km, 'Seniors Jimny' is now On The Market with, and later sold by, a local Suzuki Dealer.
      The Custom Plates, A6G415, were replaced.


      Big 15" 5 Stud Anthracite Alloy Rims

      Bridgestone Dueler H/T 684 II 195/80/R15 96S
      H/T: Highway/Terrain

      Recommended Tyre Pressures: All, 26psi.
      Local driving is better at 23psi.

      Deluxe paint, Beige and Black

      February 2019: The Spare Wheel and later the Mount, (21kg) removed for better rear visibility.

      29 March 2019: Reversing Camera and Reversing/Parking Sensors, fitted in the rear bumper.

      15 April 2019: Fitted Custom Plates, A6G415.

      3 July 2019: Accessory-Horizontal Grille fitted. Gloss Anthracite, it matches the Alloy Wheels.

      19 May 2020: Reversing Camera upgraded to the JA/EU/UK model with Guidelines.

      Deluxe Interior, Carpets, Climate Control, etc.

      Some light reading:
      Owners Manual: https://cars.suzuki.co.uk/owners/maintaining-your-suzuki/owners-handbooks/
      Infotainment System:


      1500cc Motor, naturally aspirated.
      Automatic Transmission, 3 speed + overdrive.

      11 May 2019, INOX MX2 Battery Conditioner: 15ml per cell. When checked in Jan & July 2020 the SG is now 1282-1285.

      From 16 September 2019, Fuel: Shell Premium Unleaded, 98 RON:

      Fuelly: http://www1.fuelly.com/car/suzuki/jimny/2019/aveowa/900228

      From 18 August 2020, Engine Oil: FUCHS 0W-20

      Quite high for standard suspension.
      Rim-Guard measurements with full fuel, no driver/load.
      LF: 667, RF: 664,
      LR: 694, RR: 685mm.

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