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    Thread: Consumer Reports review of the aveo STILL stinks!

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      Consumer Reports review of the aveo STILL stinks!

      Even though the last Aveo left the Bupyeong assembly plant nearly 7 years ago, Consumer Reports STILL hates it with a passion!

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      Truth is, I still see negative comments towards the Aveo (in a general sense) on some of the car blogs too.

      The funny thing is, buyers didn't care what CR thought. It was affordable, and it sold by the boatload when it was available. It sold better than many arguably better entry level cars do today.

      Thread: Chevy Aveo U.S. sales 2011 / 2012

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      Overhere the Aveo was shortly available (the latest model from 2010 and later). 2014 model being the last one. But 2nd hand you can only find up till 2013-model. Before I bought mine I looked up stuff on the internet. Prices, fuel eff., photos, options, reviews, etc. All the reviews were pretty negative. And based upon the 2012-model most of the time. And most of the time they review the 1.3 Diesel version.

      The most points I hear are:
      - cheap dashboard
      - too much noise inside at high speeds
      - don't like to be in high rpm's
      - the way it lays on the road

      Personally: the cheap dash' is everywhere in this price-range. The noise inside is less then in the Peugot 208 I had before (which was a later model). The suspension is better then every Peugot I owned (107 and 208). It lays way better on the road then everything I owned before. The high rpm's is indeed a thing. But every car in this range doesn't like to be in high rpm's. Okay I need to shift around 2000 instead of the usual 2500. And when in 5th gear around 120 km/h you are noticing that you actually need a 6th gear. But that was also the case in the Peugot 107 and the 208 had it sometimes as well.

      P.S.: I am talking about mine Aveo as reference: 1.2 LS Petrol from 2013.

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