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    Thread: Accurate mileage/ versus miles per gallons

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      Accurate mileage/ versus miles per gallons

      Hello Y'all,
      I recently bought a '10 Aveo 5 with automatic transmission. I filled it all the way up to the cap the other day and drove it till yesterday to fill it back up to the cap again. I put 10.44 gallons and I drove according to the odometer 415 miles. This was highway mileage mostly but some city miles also. On the highway I was going about 65mph. I used the ac a little in those miles. So according to my math I got over 39 miles per gallon combined. My question to y'all is if the odometer is accurate on the rest of your Aveos? Thanks, Tony

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      Sounds about right to me.
      My '07 Aveo, with a 5 speed manual gets between 35 - 39 mpg, regularly.

      I don't usually use my AC, though.

      But, I have a 22 mile commute, mostly highway driving.
      I'm a granny-shifter on city streets (makes people flip out, but I'm not power-shifting a y 4 cylinder), so I usually never drop below 32 mpg, even when I am driving mostly city streets.

      Sounds like yours is pretty accurate.

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      That sounds real good. I have an 04, 5 speed sedan, and it gets around 32 MPG, which it has been doing since I purchased it seven years ago. Not as good as the 45+ I was getting in my old 2000 Metro, but better than a lot of vehicles on the road.

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      I have an '09 with automatic. On the highway, in constant cruising it will get over 40 MPG. In the city, it's terrible, at about 22 MPG. Unfortunately, I live in a city. It's the primitive (but very reliable) Japanese Aisan automatic 4-speed transmission that is the cause. There is nothing wrong with your odometer. It's the nature of the beast.

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      I log my fill-ups here: AVEOWA's Profile | Fuelly it is a good place to compare fuel consumption with other AVEOs.

      22mpg(US) is not unrealistic for 2nd-3rd gear city driving in an auto.

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