I am Jo Anderson. I had given up driving because of my health. Hubby and I noticed I was getting sloppy with turning. Quit driving. Sold my car. My mystery illness lasted over a year. Somehow I have improved A LOT. Hubby and I decided I might drive again. Bought a 2008 AVEO this week. Love it!
I appreciate having all yíall as a resource for my AVEO questions!
First question-and only question today:
What is the slot for that is on the driver side door? It is not mentioned in my owners manual. I found a picture of a 2006 driver door panel and took a screen-shot it but canít figure how to place it here. The slot is vertical, faces the rear of the car, is maybe 3 inches high, located about halfway between the window controls and the left rear view mirror. It seems about as thick as 2-3 credit cards. It is irregular in the inside, but mostly 4-5 inches deep.
What can it be? Funny and/or truthful answers accepted.
Thank you in advance.