The A/C Accumulator/Drier, the A/C Expansion Device,the A/C solvent and the A/C Oil O-Ring are in the original box shipped to me from BUYAUTOPARTS and have never been used. The A/C compressor is used and the successful bidder can have it for free with the other 4 parts. The compressor was removed from my car but the problem turned out to be an electrical plug that went into the compressor. When this was figured out a new compressor was already installed so the new one was left in my car. We don't know if the old compressor was good or not afterall but it's yours if you want it as a bonus with the other 4 new parts. We didn't install the 4 other parts as they were not needed after all. Cars that they will fit in are:

The 2006 Chevrolet Aveo All Models
2004-2008 Chevrolet Aveo All Models
2005-2007 Pontiac Wave All Models
2004-2008 Suzuki Swift All Models

It's not worth my while to return the 4 new parts to the USA company that sold them to me because of shipping charges. My loss your gain. The best offer for the parts takes it. I spent $115 US on the items not including shipping.

I am located in the Toronto area of Ontario, Canada. Parts can be picked up only, call 416-897-2542 if interested.