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  Highest Mileage Aveo. (most miles / km)
By: Monzaveo
How many miles does your Aveo have on it?
200 replies ... latest post: sheva7
In forum: General Discussion
  Fuel filter change (aveo sedan 2010 lt)
Dosaloga posts up a bunch of pictures showing how to replace the fuel filter on his Aveo.
17 replies ... latest post: sheva7
In forum: How-To
  Aveos spotted in the wild! (Pics of other Aveos...not your own)
By: MetroMPG
A thread to post sightings of Aveo/Wave/G3's etc. we've spotted in the wild. (Not pics of your own car.)
94 replies ... latest post: MetroMPG
In forum: Photographs and Videos
  How to Replace a Front Wheel Bearing Without a Press or Bridge
By: whitefish
Whitefish shows us how to replace front wheel bearings.
13 replies ... latest post: whitefish
In forum: How-To
  Ecotec LSJ for Aveo (supercharged 2.0L engine swap)
By: thehotrodguy
Thehotrodguy drops an ecotec LSJ supercharged engine into his aveo.
123 replies ... latest post: Merlins_Holden
In forum: Engine & Drivetrain
  Plasti Dip Bottom Trim
By: Aaron_Angstadt
Aaron_angstadt plasti dips his bottom trim.
66 replies ... latest post: sekhmet56
In forum: Photographs and Videos
  The cruise control DIY thread.
By: ClintCart
A large thread that shows how to install a switch to get factory cruise control on 06+ Aveos.
192 replies ... latest post: PoisonIvy
In forum: How-To
  My 2011 Aveo5 retrofit (HID's, CFL halos, trim paint)
By: 702_AveoLT
702_AveoLT shows off the work done on a 2011 with a HID retrofit and halo kit.
20 replies ... latest post: cool-aveo
In forum: Exterior
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