Hey, folks!

I'm looking to sell my Aveo. It's served me well and I've loved it all the way. However, the transmission has gone out at 94k and it's essentially totaled the car. It's time I got a new car anyways. I'm trying to decide how best to sell it. Would it be best to sell it privately or to a salvage yard? Whoever buys it would need to replace the transmission before it can be driven/resold, so it limits my options a bit.

Beyond the transmission, there is very little wrong with the car. I've kept it maintained and serviced regularly. I've had multiple parts replaced and kept my service receipts for a vehicle history. The only interior damage is the driver-side arm rest. It popped off and I'm sure if/how it goes back on.

I'd appreciate your insight! Perhaps somebody in the forum wants it for their collection and will fix it! Who knows?

Take it easy, dudes