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    Thread: 2011 sedan @3,300 mls!

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      2011 sedan @3,300 mls!

      Here we go again....Not mine, but I wish it was! The location is 'way down in the hills of Arkansas...not an easy drive from K.C., esp this time of the year. The asking price, IMHO is not realistic, but the burgundy 2011 might bring $6.5-7k with zero warranty and perhaps two oil changes over 7 yrs.If it was a 3 pedal model, I might be buying chains n packing my old Air Force cold weather flight-line gear, moth holes and all! Also, there is no annual required vehicle inspection in AR, so it might have some undiagnosed problems and the 2012 ignition recall might never have been resolved. I still hope it is brought into the Aveo fold by its justifiably proud new owner.

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